FM Mattsson Mora Group donates 50,000 SEK to the UN Refugee Agency due to the situation in Ukraine

FM Mattsson Mora Group has donated 50,000 SEK to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, which helps and provides protection to war victims on site in Ukraine. “For us, it feels important to help the most vulnerable, which are children and families”, says Fredrik Skarp, CEO.

FM Mattsson Mora Group has no operations in the war-torn region.

“Previously we had some small deliveries to customers in Ukraine and Russia, but today we have no exposure in either Ukraine or Russia. Internally, we now ensure that we do not do business with Russia in any way, at least as long as this conflict continues.”

“It is terrible and tragic what is happening in Ukraine and we send our deepest thoughts to the Ukrainian people.”

FM Mattsson Mora Group has donated 50,000 SEK to UNHCR and their work on site in Ukraine. Right now, the situation is deteriorating rapidly and is both unpredictable and uncertain. Life and security are in danger and UNHCR is on the ground to provide protection to the victims of the war.

“The crisis affects children and families, the most vulnerable groups. Through our contribution, we want to help provide protection for them”, says Fredrik Skarp.