We are FM Mattsson Group

High quality, attractive design, sustainability and service.

Under our brands Mora Armatur, FM Mattsson, Damixa, Hotbath, Aqualla and Adamsez, we develop, manufacture and deliver solutions for the bathroom, kitchen and beyond. We are present primarily in the Nordic region, but are increasingly active in the rest of Europe.

About us

Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to offer strong brands with a “WOW factor” that customers are willing to pay a premium for.

Our market and customer offering is based on attractive design, environmentally and health-friendly products, as well as high quality and innovation.

Our vision is to be the customers’ first choice in the bathroom, kitchen and beyond.


  • The customer comes first.
  • We win together.
  • I step up.


Our strategic plan consists of five cornerstones designed to lead us toward our vision, support our mission and provide sustainable and profitable growth. The strategy is well embedded in the group and serves as a crucial tool in our daily operations.

Based on these cornerstones, we set our goals and strategic initiatives.

Customer Offering

  • Brands, products and services giving customers a “WOW-feeling”
  • Grow in existing and new segments

People and Culture

  • Follow our core values.
  • Most attractive employer in our chosen markets


  • All processes create clear customer value
  • Achieve purchasing and logistical synergies


  • Digital customer experience that generates sales
  • Increase efficiency, quality and availability re data management


  • Be recognised as the leader of product sustainability in our core markets
  • Continuously reduce our environmental footprint in the value chain

Market Overview

Our strong brands provide both breadth and depth in our customer offering, with a strong local presence in both the Nordic home market and internationally. Our foreign acquisitions have provided us with the conditions for continued international growth and the opportunity to develop our product portfolio.

The Nordic market accounted for 59% of our total revenue in 2023. There, we have built long-lasting customer relationships through a deep understanding of the market and local service.

In recent years, with the acquisitions of Hotbath, Aqualla, and Adamsez, we have established ourselves outside the Nordic region. We have experienced significant growth in the international market, primarily in Western Europe.

Digitalisation, innovation, technology, and design are becoming increasingly important for customers. We interact more through digital platforms, and we broaden our product portfolio with innovative products characterised by distinctive design and various colour choices.

The most prominent trend is the increased demand for sustainable products. Climate goals and awareness of water issues drive demand for water and energy efficient products. This requires us to produce and develop sustainable products with minimal environmental impact, without compromising functionality or performance.

Strong growth

Turnover outside the Nordics has grown from SEK 116 million in 2018 to around SEK 800 million in 2023.

Inspiring Projects


INXX i Stockholms new life science center

The Forskaren work space is environmentally certified and houses 24,000 square metres of offices, co-working, showroom, lab and more. There, we have solved the customer’s challenging demands regarding both design and the environment. In an efficient collaboration with the customer, we developed, in just one week, new technology for series MORA INXX which saves water and energy to meet the strict flow requirements of the desired environmental certification. Since then, the new flow variants have been available in our regular INXX range.


Clean drinking water in a London hospital – thanks to FM Mattsson

A well-known hospital in London has been struggling for several years to remove bacteria from drinking water. Numerous methods have been tested but have not given good enough results. In December 2022, FM Mattsson’s 9000E Tronic touchless mixer with WMS connectivity was installed in a ward where water quality is particularly important for patient safety. Since then, the amount of bacteria in the water has been below the customer’s requirement level – every time it’s been tested. This has been achieved by activating the smart built-in hygiene flush function in the mixer and monitoring its functions via the Tronic WMS system.


Sustainable Mixers from Mora Armatur in Stockholm's First Energy Positive Building

Stockholmshem has created the city’s first energy positive building as a result of the housing company’s ten year commitment to sustainable construction. In addition to 730 square meters of solar panels on the roof, around twenty energy saving technologies are installed in the buildings. This includes the MORA MMIX series in lead-free brass, as well as geothermal heating, highly efficient insulation, sedum green roofs, and waste disposals for biogas production.

World of Volvo

Damixa Silhouet in iconic Volvo experience center

The Group has been entrusted with supplying and installing custom-made Damixa Silhouet Touchless taps in brushed chrome for the newly built “World of Volvo” centre in Gothenburg. The spectacular wooden building, designed by Danish Henning Larsen Architects, is an experience centre for all Volvo lovers.


Hotbath chosen for luxury renovation in Breda

Hotbath was selected to furnish a townhouse project in Breda in a warm, minimalist style. A feature was to put the taps behind the sink while the controls were placed on the side. The bathrooms also have a walk-in shower with two rain showers and a wall arm. Interior designer, Grego van den Broek, often works with Hotbath because of the wide selection of models and finishes on our timeless, functional and stylish products.

Kwanza River Angola. African River waterfall and rapid

Aqua Invent's Filter Solution Turns River Water into Drinking Water in Angola

In 2022, Aqua Invent delivered two complete water purification plants to Angola. The advanced filter solutions function as treatment plants for river water, turning it into drinking water after passing through Aqua Invent’s water purification system. The water is also used to clean solar panels on solar power installations.

FM Mattsson Group's History

– From Belt Buckles to Water Purification

FM Mattsson Group’s history truly began when Frost Matts Mattsson registered his business in 1865. Since then, we have grown into a modern, international group.

“The Mora people are excellent for their great skill in many different kinds of handicrafts. Some of these products they sell personally around almost all parts of the fatherland and are thus often quite well-travelled.”

Fredrik Reinhold Arosenius, 1862

Our Operations

In the region around Mora, there were poor conditions for farming. The residents of Mora became experts in craftsmanship, especially metalworking. From this, the Moraklocka (Mora bell), Moraknivar (Mora knives) and water taps were created.


This marked the beginning of FM Mattsson, which sharpened its competitive edge in competition with Mora Armatur. Now, both are part of a modern, successful, and continuously growing enterprise.

1865 FM Mattsson is founded
1880 Adamsez is founded
1927 Mora Armatur is founded
1932 Damixa is founded
1984 Aqua Invent is founded
2007 Hotbath is founded
2011 Aqualla is founded

Development and Innovation

Throughout the years, we have been at the forefront of innovation and development, especially in terms of sustainability, a crucial factor for us since the early days. In recent years, we have taken even greater responsibility for creating products that endure and contribute to our planet’s longevity.

1876 The first tap was cast in Mora, Sweden
1962 FM Mattsson invents Sweden’s first compact water tap
1966 The first single-lever tap in Europe is launched under the Damixa brand
1972 Mora Armatur presents Sweden’s first thermostatic tap
1977 Damixa is the first to introduce the new horseshoe mount, which is now standard on taps worldwide
1989 Soft closing, a world-unique technology that prevents harmful pressure surges in the water system
1994 Cold start, which saves hot water
2005 Damixa is the first with the X-Change system, where a tap can be replaced in 20 seconds
2018 FM Mattsson Watersprint, an innovative solution for water purification, comes on the market
2019 Launch of connected mixers
2022 Launch of several new product categories such as mirrors, bathtubs, wash basins and shower floors as well as kitchen taps with boiling water

Growth and Acquisitions

We have grown from Frost Matts Mattsson’s family business in Mora to a large, modern international organisation. The fundamental values remain, as does the spirit of innovation and strong local roots – but on a larger platform and in an international market.

2003 FM Mattsson and Mora Armatur join forces and form a joint group
2014 Acquisition of Damixa
2017 Listing on Nasdaq Stockholm
2019 Acquisition of Hotbath
2021 Acquisition of Aqualla and Adamsez
2022 Acquisition of Aqua Invent

Frost Matts Mattsson

Frost Matts Mattsson was a brass caster and registered a small brass foundry in 1865, where he primarily manufactured details for Moraklockor (Mora bells).

Frost Matts Mattsson grew up in the village of Östnor outside Mora, where cottage industry had become unusually strong in the mid 1800s. Here, people alternated between working in agriculture and various crafts, with products sold far beyond the borders of Mora. In the Östnor village, they specialised in brass casting.