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Working for FM Mattsson Group means being part of a modern and international business with brands in multiple countries. At the same time, you have the opportunity to contribute to the future of the industry. It also provides a chance to live a life in an idyllic environment close to nature. Here, there are ample opportunities for exciting tasks, career development and quality of life.


Job Openings

We frequently seek new, skilled and committed team members. Here are the positions we are currently hiring for, at our parent company in Sweden and our various brand organisations’ head offices and logistics centres.

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Our Company Culture

The Customer Comes First

For all our employees, this means:

The customer is always our starting point. We are constantly focused on understanding customers and quickly developing the products they want when they want them, sometimes even before they know exactly what they want until they see it. The first and last question we pose to ourselves in important decisions is therefore: “Is this right for the customer?”

For our managers, this means:
Achieving results and understanding the business and customers.

Acting in leadership according to business priorities. Setting ambitious goals for the business and employees. Implementing and following up. Making decisions even in uncertain situations and respecting the decisions made.

We Win Together

For all our employees, this means:
There is no “I” in “team”. We actively invite, listen and utilise our expertise across departments and roles. When we do not fully succeed, we focus on solving the problem and getting better next time, together. The more we work together, the easier it becomes to achieve our goals.

For our managers, this means:
Developing employees. Creating conditions for team and employee development. Listening and communicating openly, directly and providing feedback. Giving employees space and freedom to act. Building strong teams and creating conditions for collaboration with others. Advocating for an environment of diversity and inclusion.

I Step Up

For all our employees, this means:
I step up, take initiative, and extend a hand when someone needs help. If I see something that can be improved, I react and fix it to make everyday life better for myself and my colleagues – and to improve our collective delivery to the customer.

For our managers, this means:
Driving improvement. Always having the company’s best interests in focus and representing the employer in all situations. Encouraging a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Creating engagement. Being a role model. Showing insight into one’s personal impact on others. Seeking feedback and taking responsibility for personal development. Acting with integrity and building trust.

Why Work With Us?

The Power of Diversity

We want to attract, develop, and retain the most talented employees, regardless of background and experience. In this way, we collectively create a dynamic work environment where innovation and new perspectives can thrive. Learn more about how we work to achieve this in recruitment for our parent company FM Mattsson AB.

Grow With Us

A career at FM Mattsson Group is characterised by a high degree of personal responsibility, varied and challenging tasks and good development opportunities. Several of our employees have worked for many years in the group and chosen to try new positions and challenges within the business.

During 2023, we have filled:

0 %

of managerial positions with internal candidates.

0 %

of all positions with internal candidates.


Our primary strength is our employees. It is important to us that you feel well and appreciated. Therefore, we organise a range of activities where we have fun together and build a sense of belonging with both our closest colleagues and those from other parts of the group.

Work at Our Parent Company FM Mattsson AB

FM Mattsson AB has its headquarters and factory in Mora, but also offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö as well as some employees working remotely in other parts of the country. As an employee at the parent company, you have a range of benefits – not least the opportunity to live in the most beautiful part of Dalarna!

Employee Offer

It may be obvious, but for us, it’s important to emphasise: we offer a range of benefits and employee offers that help you both in your employment and in your leisure time. The benefits you are entitled to depend on your position and the location where you work.

Examples of benefits:

  • Flextime
  • Parental pay
  • Group life insurance
  • Collective agreement-based occupational pension
  • Health activities
  • Massage during working hours
  • Contribution to costs for fitness and wellness

In addition, you have an employer who is a member of Teknikföretagen and has collective agreements with IF Metall and Unionen/Sveriges Ingenjörer/Ledarna.

Live and Work in Mora

Welcome to Mora! With its beautiful nature, rich culture, and high quality of life, it is a gem on the shores of Lake Siljan. Here, there are great opportunities for personal and professional development, both educationally and professionally. In Mora, there is a wide range of activities in industry, tourism, wood processing, technology and much more. Read more on

Here, hiking, sailing, and skiing are just around the corner. Are you longing for a quieter and more harmonious lifestyle? Or a more active life? Mora offers quality of life in every way!

Learn more about everything Mora has to offer at and

Relocation Service

As an extra help for you looking to move from outside Dalarna to work with us in Mora, we offer a relocation service through our partner Rekryteringslots. It functions as support and guidance for your accompanying partner, ensuring they also find a suitable job in their new home region. Rekryteringslots also serves as a sounding board for other important questions when moving to a new region. Read more at