Lars Kvarnsund (born 1967): Board member since 2023.

Education/background: Lars is a educated economist, and has studies in economics at Jönköping International Business School . Lars has experience from leading positions in international industrial companies, most recently as president and CEO of Gunnar Johansson Gruppen AB and Gnosjö Konstsmide AB. Lars worked for 19 years in GARO AB (publ) mainly as CFO but also as Business Area Manager for Sweden.

Current assignments: Lars is chairman of the board of Jansson Industri AB and a board member of United Power AB, Dentalum Group AB, Prido AB and LKV Consulting AB.

Shareholding in the company (including ownership by related persons or legal entities):5,010 class B shares in FM Mattsson AB.

In relation to major shareholders: Ja
In relation to the company and management: Ja