Lars Erik Blom (born 1960): Board member since 2013.

Education/background: Lars Erik has a degree in Business Administration from Stockholm University. Lars Erik has experience from LK Finans AB, where he is currently CEO.

Current assignments: Lars Erik is CEO and a board member of LK Finans Aktiebolag. He is also chairman of the board of Lagerstedt & Krantz AB, Delgivningsbyrån Deltra-Kravek AB, TSS Holding AB, D-K Intressenter AB, JEFF fastigheter AB, Visera AB. Board member of Novorent Modul AB, Optimum Ekonomiplanering AB, Temperature Sensitive Solutions Systems Sweden AB, its nordic AB, its nordic holding AB, Projektengagemang Sweden AB, Nextory AB and Bliq AB.

Shareholding in the company (including ownership by related persons or legal entities): Lars Erik holds 9.91 percent of the company LK Finans AB, which in turn holds 686,700 class A shares and 4,179,612 class B shares in FM Mattsson Group.

In relation to major shareholders: No
In relation to the company and management: Yes