Three focus areas that contribute to a more sustainable world

Sustainable business means work in several dimensions. We work actively to develop more sustainable products, make responsible purchases, minimise our own environmental footprint and to prioritise a sustainable work environment for our employees. Based on these different dimensions, we work in accordance with our three focus areas where we can create a positive change for both ourselves and our surroundings. We have linked these focus areas to the global goals that we have taken as our starting point and that we are working towards.

FM Mattsson Group has an environmental policy, as well as several other well-implemented policies to allow us to work systematically and methodically with sustainability issues and to take responsibility for climate and environment, staff and the community. All of our staff are involved in our environmental work, while the goals and focus are determined at group level. A stable, profitable business combined with excellent relationships with our stakeholders make a strong foundation for responsible entrepreneurship from all perspectives – financial, social and environmental. Based on the materiality and stakeholder assessments that were conducted during the year, as well as the group’s environmental responsibility and impact on its surroundings, we have identified three focus areas: