End-to-End Sustainable Development

Almost everything we do involves water, one of the world’s most crucial resources. That’s why sustainability is a natural part of everything we do, every day. We consider the whole picture, taking into account social, economic, and environmental aspects throughout the entire journey – from the idea stage to when our products are used in our customers’ daily lives.


The Year in Numbers

The percentage of the group’s total electricity consumption from renewable sources.
0 %
Sales growth of products classified as "Better" or "Best".
0 %
Employee attendance.
0 %
Reduction of CO2 emissions in Scope 1, 2, and transportation to and from our operations.
0 %

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Our Focus Areas

Sustainable business requires work on multiple dimensions and levels. We aim to develop more sustainable products, make responsible purchases, minimise our own environmental footprint, and prioritise an attractive and safe working environment for our employees. We operate based on three focus areas aligned with the UN’s 17 global goals, prioritizing the six goals we see as most important and impactful for us.

Sustainable products
Sustainable processes

Our Sustainability Strategy

FM Mattsson Group’s group strategy is to “offer strong brands with a WOW-feeling customers will pay a premium for.” For us, this goes hand in hand with a strong focus on sustainability. As an international group with multiple brands, activities may vary but we have common policies and overarching goals throughout the entire group.

We are working towards four clear sustainability goals:

Fulfillment of sustainability goals in 2022

Sustainability GoalsTarget 2022Outcome 2022Outcome 2021Outcome 2020
Sales growth, product classification Better & Best≥ 10 %20 %10 %13 %
Reduce CO2 emissions in Scope 1, 2 and transportation*≥ 5 %16 %12 %2 %
Healthy attendance rate≥ 96 %94 %95 %95 %
Employee survey index “Voice”≥ 66 %62 %60 %59 %

* In relation to sales volume.


In 2023, FM Mattsson Group received a silver ranking from Ecovadis, placing us among the top 18% in sustainability within our segment of the global manufacturing industry.

Sustainability Throughout the Value Chain

We want our customers to feel confident that we take responsibility throughout the value chain, even where we cannot control things directly. From the idea, where we design and construct a new product, to recycling after the product has been used.

How We Work

Our sustainability work is comprehensive and involves many aspects. We strive to focus on areas where we have significant direct or potential impact, by annually assessing and analysing the risks and opportunities, as well as through dialogue with our stakeholders.

Reducing Climate Change

We support the 1.5 °C target and the EU’s climate goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Here are some examples of how we work:

Reduction of CO₂ Emissions

0 %

During 2022, we reduced our CO₂ emissions from air freight to and from our production unit in Mora by 49%, from 321 tons CO₂e to 164 tons CO₂e.

Water – A Vital Resource

There is a water shortage in large parts of the world, and according to the United Nations, it will worsen in the coming decades, not least in Europe.

The most significant impact is achieved by working towards better solutions so that our customers can reduce their water consumption.

Our workplaces, meetings, external conferences and training courses are free of bottled water.

Products with Less Environmental Impact

Our products are classified as Good, Better, or Best based on energy classification, material content, and certification.

0 %

In 2022, sales increased by 20% for water taps in the Better and Best categories.

Material Usage

The entire society needs to transition to a circular economy if we are to meet climate goals. Businesses are no exception.

Waste management

We work in several ways to reduce the generation of direct and indirect waste.

0 %

In 2022, we reduced the carton size for approximately 300 of Damixa’s best-selling products, thereby decreasing the carton volume by 27 percent annually.

Responsible Supply Chain

A crucial aspect of our sustainability efforts is to take responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Through proactive dialogue with our suppliers, we can advocate for good working conditions, reduce the risk of human rights violations and more. We aim to ensure that our suppliers also maintain a secure and safe working environment while working to minimize their negative environmental impact.

All suppliers must sign our code of conduct for suppliers.

Nasdaq ESG

FM Mattsson AB has been certified as a Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner 2023. Certification is awarded to companies that demonstrate a high level of market transparency in environmental, social and governance issues.

Employee and Culture

FM Mattsson AB is one of the larger employers in the municipality of Mora and a significant employer in several other cities where we operate.


Committed, well-being, and secure employees are a central part of our strategy and a prerequisite for a thriving, growing business. Regardless of where we operate, we aspire to be an attractive workplace where employees enjoy their work, have favourable conditions and collectively contribute to developing the business to achieve our vision and goals.

Code of Conduct

and Whistleblower Function

In our code of conduct, there are guidelines that all employees and collaborators must adhere to. It encompasses business ethics, human rights and working conditions, health and safety, information disclosure, quality, and the environment and is based on:

  • The United Nations’ human rights and related conventions
  • The International Labour Organization’s declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work
  • The OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises
  • The United Nations Global Compact’s 10 principles for human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption
  • The quality and environmental management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Whistleblower Function

If an employee or other stakeholder believes that we are not acting in accordance with our Code of Conduct, or that our business partners are not meeting the conditions of the Code of Conduct, there is an opportunity to report this through a web form available on our website.