Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is the Annual General Meeting’s body for consulting on Annual General Meeting resolutions in matters of election and fees with the aim of creating good supporting data for the Meeting to consider these matters. The duty of the Nomination Committee is to submit proposals to the Annual General Meeting on:

  • Chairman of the Annual General Meeting
  • Number of Board members
  • Remuneration of the Board of Directors and Auditor
  • Chairman of the Board and other members
  • Auditor
  • Proposals for amendments to guidelines for appointing a Nomination Committee

Nomination Committee for FM Mattsson Group’s 2024 Annual General Meeting:

  • Hans Karlsson, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, representing Tibia Konsult AB
  • Mats Rylander, representing larger shareholder group
  • Åsa Mattsson, representing larger shareholder group

Shareholders wishing to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee may contact the Committee by e-mail or via the company’s postal address stated below. In order for the Nomination Committee to constructively be able to address proposals received, proposals must have been received no later than February 29, 2024.

FM Mattsson AB
Att: Valberedning
Box 480
SE-792 27 MORA