Our Markets

products has a market leading postition in Sweden and Denmark and a strong position in the Nordic region. In markets outside the Nordic countries are the brands FM Mattsson,  Mora Armatur and Damixa primarily niched in specific market segments.

FM Mattsson Mora Group’s market

Market growth is driven by new construction, renovation, conversion and extension, known in Sweden as the ‘ROT’ sector. The ROT sector represents the majority of sales. In turn, this sector is primarily driven by price growth of housing and progress of the consumer confidence index.

While the market is divided into geographical regions, it can also be split into customer segments, such as private housing, real estate companies, manufacturing and the public sector.

In Sweden, FM Mattsson Mora Group has such a high market share that sales cover all segments. In markets outside Sweden, it is more important to identify the most attractive customer segments against the background of each market’s special characteristics and FM Mattsson Mora Group’s strengths.

Long-term market trends

  • End-customers/users are getting more influence over mixer faucet choices. This means that design is becoming a more competitive requirement.
  • New technology and new materials, like electronics and polymers, are becoming more significant to developing new products.
  • New marketing channels like the Internet and DIY present new opportunities, but also bring challenges.
  • Energy rationalization is becoming more important in terms of product characteristics.