Environmental Policy

Through active and systematic environmental work, FM Mattsson Group will contribute to lasting sustainable development.

Environmental management

  • We should protect the environment, including pollution prevention.
  • We should satisfy or exceed the standards of environmental legislation and other environmental standards.
  • We should train and inform our employees on environmental issues and get them involved in our pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • We will constantly improve the environmental management system to achieve better environmental performance.

Energy, materials and emissions

  • Our business shall feature the effective consumption of energy, water, raw materials and other natural resources.
  • The waste and emissions of our operations should be minimized and recycling increased.


  • Environmental matters should be considered when developing products and processes.
  • We shall observe the principle of prudence and work to reduce and replace hazardous substances and materials in our products and processes.
  • Our ambition is to limit the environmental impact of products throughout their life-cycles from development, manufacture and use to final processing and disposal.
  • We should offer water-saving and energy-efficient products.

Relations with stakeholders

  • We should encourage suppliers to adopt the principles of this policy.
  • We should continuously report our progress in the environmental segment.
  • We should listen to our stakeholders and consider their opinions with the objective of securing success in our environmental work.